"The Moon gave us the bow and the Sun gave us the arrow" (Pawnee Legend)

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Ishi the Yahi

Ishi- Last of the Yahi

Modoc Wide Limbed Hunting Bow

This bow is similar to those made by West Coast Native Americans including Ishi  the Yahi Indian and is one of the strongest most durable designs available in a wood bow.  If features 2 1/2 inch wide limbs and a working (bending) handle for maximum storage of energy.  The bow is made from Red Oak backed with linen and is 66 inches long for a 28 inch draw with draw weights available  up to 55 pounds.  The handle is 1 1/2 inches wide and 3/4 of an inch thick.   It is a snappy  powerful shooter and it's short length makes it a great hunting bow. Comes with a ONE YEAR warranty against breakage under normal use.

Wide Limbed Bow   

Key Benefits


$120.00 + $14  Shipping

(Please select Draw Weight.  All Draw weights are at 28 inches.) 

Draw Weight @ 28 inches

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