"The Moon gave us the bow and the Sun gave us the arrow" (Pawnee Legend)

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Cherokee Bow

Eastern Woodlands Longbow

This bow is handmade from solid red oak.  It is designed in the Eastern Woodland's bow style in which the tips are almost as wide as the rest of the bow.  This is a pleasant shooter with little shock in the handle.  It is bound with sisal cord so that it can be shot right or left handed.  This style of bow has been used for hundreds of years by tribes such as : Cherokee, Shawnee, Delaware, Miami, Sak and Fox, the Five Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, and many, many others.  This bow is permanently  finished and requires no maintenance.   

Key Benefits

  • Fixed draw weight and length of 30-35 lbs. at 28 inches
  • Can be customized to your draw length and weight (up to 45 lbs) (see price chart below)
  • All bows come with a string, custom bow stringer, and set of instructions
  • Full One Year Warranty from date of purchase
  • A great handmade bow for a great price


$85.00 + $14 Shipping 

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