"The Moon gave us the bow and the Sun gave us the arrow" (Pawnee Legend)

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BOW Building Instructional Books and Plans for only $14.95

Bow Making Kits

The Basic Bowmaking Kit for Beginners has everything you need to start and finish a good shooting bow.  This is the perfect way to construct your first self bow without the worry and pain.  The only thing you need to do is the fine tuning ,finish tillering and drop the draw weight to what you need. The bends are already correct and the hardest part is done for you.
Floor tillered HICKORY board stave
* Linen backing strip
* Bow string
* instructional booklet



Deluxe beginners kit includes everything in the Basic Kit plus you also get a Tillering Stick and Tillering String.  These handy tools are used to make sure your bow bends properly throughout the entire weapon.
Tillering stick
* Tillering string
* Floor tillered HICKORY stave
* Linen Backing Strip
* Bow String
* Instructional booklet


Penobscot Bow-making Kit-  

The Penobscot bow kit is an easy way to make a working replica indian bow with adjustable draw weight , minimal string follow , speed and low handshock. .The Penobscot floor tillered bow kit includes the main bow and string , the shorter back bow and String for the back bow .. All you need to provide is a bit of glue for attaching the back bow and some time. . The work you will need to do is simple. do the finish tillering to the main bow and drop it to  a light 30 -40 pound bow or so (The back bow  is already finished tillered for you ). Attach the back bow to the main bow by glueing it on and then  tie the back strings into place .The tighter you get the back strings the higher the draw weight. Here is a hint. Bend the main limbs backward a little bit  by putting the tips on a 2" wood block and clamping the handle down . Now tie the back strings on and when you release the clamp you will have very tight strings. The higher the block the tighter the back strings will be. BE careful not to use blocks higher than 4" ..4" blocks are as high as we have gone. Now Shave the handle area narrow to fit comfortably and apply finish. DONE!   You can also tighten the back strings by twisting them shorter or longer to make the draw weight increase or decrease. Its really easier than it looks.And, I am always here to help make this an easy and fun project.

YOUR PRICE: $125.00

Shipping is $14.00 per stave or kit ordered

Please Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery





These staves are for the more experienced bowyer or someone with a woodworking background.  We offer two choices in the staves.  

Choice One is the raw material for making the bow minus the string.

Choice Two is the raw material with all the gluing, grooves cut, and floor tillered.

If you wish to order on of these kits, please email the kit number to . We will then ask you to pay via Paypal (credit cards through Paypal only), Check or Money Order.  Thank you.




1. Hickory Stave (Floor Tillered)


2.) Ash Stave (Floor Tillered) with linen strip


3.)  Red Oak Stave (Floor Tillered) with linen 


4.) Hickory and Bamboo kit. Planed and ready for gluing.


5.) Hickory and Bambookit glued and floor tillered with string grooves


6.) IPE and Bamboo planed and ready for gluing


7.)  IPE and Bamboo glued and floor tillered with string groves cut


8.) Zebra Wood/ Bamboo planed a ready for gluing


9.) Zebra Wood / Bamboo glued and floor tillered with string groves cut $90.00
10.) Ash with hickory strip backing ( Floor Tillered)


11.) Cherry with hickory strip backing ( Floor Tillered)


12.) Black Walnut with hickory strip backing ( Floor Tillered) $65.00
13.) Osage with Bamboo backing (Floor Tillered) $115.00

About the Woods Used.

Hickory - Cut from hand selected vertical grain white (sapwood) hickory with a little brown core here and there. 72" long, handle area is 1" thick plus or minus 1/16" plenty of wood for a rigid handle as is or even a glue on riser.  The grain of the wood runs 75-90% vertically with the board.  An economical way to make a good hunting bow from affordable materials without having to search through mountains of boards for the right stuff!

Ash- Quite similar to Red Oak in appearance and many working properties. Excellent shock resistance. Straight-grained with moderately coarse texture. Glues, Stains, and finishes well.

Red Oak- Straight grain with a coarse texture. Generally works and finished well.  

Zebra Wood- A heavy hard wood with a somewhat coarse texture, with the typical so-called zebra stripes, often with an interlocked or wavy grain. The heartwood is a pale golden yellow, distinct from the very pale colour of the sapwood and features narrow streaks of dark brown to black.

Ipe- Also called Brazilian Walnut is a beautiful hardwood.  It is strong and takes a nice finish. 

Cherry- A rich dark wood that looks great on a bow.  Cherry is easy to work, fine textured, strong and fairly durable.

Black Walnut- Nice wood often found on cabinets.  It is pleasant to work with a very strong.

Osage- This is the granddaddy of all archery woods.  Osage is hard and heavy with a high luster and very stable when dry. Takes a nice polish, but oil finishes will darken the color.  Tough as nails and next to impossible to break.  For advanced bowyers or woodworkers.


Shipping is $15.00 per stave or kit ordered

Please Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery