Woodland Archery

"The Moon gave us the bow and the Sun gave us the arrow" (Old Pawnee Legend)

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Native American with Long bow

Woodland Warrior with Longbow circa 1760

Our Company

Woodland Archery is an archery dealer located in Topeka, Kansas which is smack in the MIDDLE of the United States.  I have been making and selling longbows, hunting bows, and various historical bows since 2002.  My name is Jeremy Bays, and I am the primary bowyer (bow-maker). I am committed to providing you with the best wooden bows that your hard earned money can buy.  I sell many well tillered, durable, reasonably priced bows all suitable for both entry level and experienced archers.  Many of my bows are suitable for hunting both small and larger game animals.  My English Longbow complies with the SCA requirements for target archery.  So if you are a target archer, hunter, reenactor, or backyard Robin Hood then click on BOWS above to see the entire archery product line. 

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Woodland Archery is now selling knives and other cool stuff through our sister site NinjaKnifeBox.com .   Check back with us often as we are always adding something new.

Our Mission

My hope is to provide you with top of the line handmade archery equipment the will last for decades.  Take the leap from a compound bow and arrow and get  into the world of traditional archery.  May people have ditched the "training wheels" and love the sport of traditional archery.  Return to the Golden Days of archery with these wonderful wooden bows.  All our bows are crafted by an expert bowyer (bow maker).  They all come standard with a  warranty against breakage.

Contact Information

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Woodland Archery
          3101 SW Meadow Lane
          Topeka, KS 66614
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Information or Orders:  orders@WoodlandArchery.com

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