Bare Bones Bows

What is a Bare Bones Woodbow ?

Bare Bones Woodbows offers well made, fully functional, well tillered wooden longbows. Are looking for a great bow but do not want to pay hundreds of dollars to get one?  We have found a way to make these high quality bows in a short amount of time and then pass the saving directly on to you the customer.  Bare Bones Woodbows has the bow that you are looking for, at a price you CAN afford.

You will not find flashy, fancy, highly decorative bows on this site.  What you will find is a great shooting, well made, real handmade wooden longbow for a fraction of the price you expect to pay.


About Bare Bones Woodbows

Each bow is made from a single piece of solid hardwood backed with linen or canvas for added durability and strength.  The bow is 72 inches long with a rough hewn finish (not sanded) and pulls plus or minus 3 pounds from your ordered weight at 28 inches.  The handle is wrapped with black tape for a smooth grip.  You can wrap it with twine or cord or make your own leather grip if you desire.  These bows are great for a project bow, reenactment piece, backyard shooter,  or as a first wooden bow.  Don't let the low price fool you,  this is a well tillered fully functional bow. We have found a way to make these bows very quickly and we can offer them at this low price and still make money. This is a great bow for anyone who wants to try woodbow archery without spending a lot of money. It is also suitable for reenactment, SCA, LARP, plinking, or small game hunting.  


Bow is ready to shoot and comes with a bowstring, bow stringer,  and basic instructions. 

Bare Bones Bow Models

English Style Wooden Longbow

25 lbs.


English Style Wooden Longbow

30 lbs.


English Style Wooden Longbow

45 lbs.


Japanese Yumi Style Longbow

25 lbs.


Shipping is a fixed rate of $14.00 for all other bows.

Email for FREE Shipping on orders of 10 or more bows

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Glossary of Terms-

Draw Length- Draw length is the distance the bow can be pulled back with an arrow.  To determine your draw length,  find a yard or meter stick. Then rest one end of the stick on your chest, then with the yardstick between your hands extend both hands fully as far as you can. Finally, have someone see where your finger tips end up, and then add an inch.  This is your draw length.

Draw Weight - Draw weight is the amount of force it takes to pull the string to a specific length.  It is measured in pounds (lbs.)