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"The Moon gave us the bow and the Sun gave us the arrow" (Pawnee Legend)

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Legolas Longbow LOTR

Lord of the Rings Legolas Inspired Long Bow.

This bow is inspired by the longbow used by the elf Legolas in the hit motion picture, The Lord of the Rings : Fellowship of the Ring.  This is patterned (not an exact copy) after the first bow used by Legolas before he was gifted with the newer static recurve bow by Galadriel.  It is handmade from solid Red Oak and is backed with linen.  Then the bow is painted a deep black with no other painting or markings on the bow.  The handle is wrapped in golden cord to serve as a grip.  This bow pulls around 30 pounds at a MAXIMUM of 28 inches of draw.  This is a straight tipped bow and lacks the recurve.  It shoots great and is built to last.

LOTR Longbow

Lord of the RIngs Handle bow

Key Benefits

  • Fixed draw weight and length of around 30 pounds. at  a MAXIMUM of 28 inches
  • Can be used for Role-playing, target shooting, or reenactments 
  • All bows come with a string, custom bow stringer, and set of instructions
  • Full One Year Warranty from date of purchase
  • A great handmade bow for a great price


$95.00 + $14 Shipping 

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